Places for Having an Excellent Dessert in the UK


Do you love sweets and you are planning a visit to the United Kingdom in the near future? If so, then in this article we will recommend you some of the most popular places for having an excellent dessert in England. Check them out and see if there is any of them close to the place where you are going to stay.


Dessert Restaurant by Sarah Barber, London

If you’re spending your vacation in London and you want to try something truly delicious in terms of desserts, then you should make a visit to this lovely place. Londoners come here quite often not only for the delicious desserts but for the pleasant and welcoming atmosphere as well. Sarah Barber, the chef from here, uses quite a lot of fruit in order to naturally sweeten her recipes, which is something unique and healthy at the same time. Lighter elements are also used, such as lemon verbena foam, in order to prevent them from becoming too filling. In their reviews, clients say that all the desserts from here are well-balanced and extremely tasty. Therefore, we strongly recommend Dessert Restaurant by Sarah Barber in the amazing city of London.

Eve Kitchen, Sheffield

There is no doubt that this is the doughnuts paradise. You can taste here many types of doughnuts, one tastier than the other. Some of them are made with jam, whereas others contain top-quality Belgian chocolate custard or seasonal fruits. They are made with yeasted dough in order to ensure they actually fry on top of the oil and not in it, which means that they remain crisp, fluffy, and light at the same time. In case you decide to eat in, then you will get your doughnuts attractively garnished with edible flowers and fruits as well.

Orwell’s, Shiplake, Oxfordshire

The best thing about this place is that the chef uses all year round for his desserts only fresh and preserved produce. That’s why the taste is so good. If you plan to visit this place then we recommend you to try the green sorbet, which is the specialty of this place. It is served with a delicious Lyonnaise-style pink praline tart. Liam, the chef from here says that he tries to bring constant changes to the menu so that his customers don’t get bored.

The Bakemonger at Caro, Bruton, Somerset

If you visit Somerset, then you must stop at this place for trying any of the cakes made by Helen Bakunowicz. She is also specialized in decorations, so don’t be surprised if the cake your order will actually look like a piece of art. She says that her decorations are always handmade and also improve the flavors rather than just being a lump of sugar.


All the above locations are highly-appreciated by English people and not only due to the delicious desserts made with high-quality ingredients. If you love sweets and you want to try new and interesting recipes on your trip to the United Kingdom, then any of these places will certainly be to your liking.


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