English Dishes You Must Try

It is true that the English cuisine is not as complex as other cuisines are, but there are still a few wonderful traditional dishes that you must try in case you plan to visit the United Kingdom in the near future. We will talk in this article about the most popular ones and we really hope that you will have in mind to try them at some point.


Fish & Chips

You definitely cannot go to England and not try the traditional Fish & Chips. Keep in mind to look for a good place where to eat this dish because not all restaurants prepare it the right way. We recommend you the proper chips shops. Some good research will help you avoid being disappointed. English people say that the best fish & chips you can have is in seaside towns. In any case, if you visit the United Kingdom then make sure you take a little time to try this traditional British dish.

Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties

Haggis is an excellent pudding which you must not miss while in England. It is made of sheep’s heart, lungs, liver, oatmeal, and several spices. It tastes like a spicy meaty sausage and it is extremely delicious and filling. Neeps and Tatties are actually turnips and potatoes and they are served with haggis. Some nice whiskey is certainly required when having this dish. Confidently try this combination and you will most probably want to experience it again.

Steak and Kidney Pie

In England you will see on the restaurant’s menu at least one type of pie. British people absolutely love them, and they are a very important part of their cuisine. Therefore, you should try the most popular one of all, the steak and kidney pie. In case you only eat chicken then you have another option and that would be the chicken & leek pie.

Full English Breakfast

Definitely try the full English breakfast. Depending on what part of England you visit, this dish can be slightly different. However, the traditional full English breakfast contains eggs, sausages, toast, beans, tomatoes, hash brownies, and black pudding. It is quite varied and extremely delicious and satisfying at the same time. Just make sure you are really hungry in order to finish everything that’s on the plate.

Beef Wellington

The beef Wellington is often smothered in pate and covered in a rich & light puff pastry. This is without a doubt the finest fillet steak you must try in England in case you are into meats. Most of the restaurants in the United Kingdom serve this delicacy, which is absolutely excellent.


All the above dishes are traditional in England and if you ever visit this country then you must have in mind to try them. By doing so, you will get to know better this cuisine which even is not so complex as others, it still is great from some points of view. Therefore, just make sure you go for these traditional meals. One thing is sure, you will surely improve your culinary knowledge.

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