Best Thai Restaurants in London

There is no doubt that Thai cuisine is absolutely wonderful. There are restaurants all over the world that serve this food, and people absolutely love it. The dishes are not only very delicious but very diverse as well. We will show you in this article where you can find the best Thai food in the amazing city of London.


The Begging Bowl

This trendy restaurant located in London serves up small-plate delicious dishes modeled on Thai street food. There is definitely lots of substance to back-up the style: all sort of herbs and spices, carefully balanced chilies, and fish cakes glow with flavor. What clients also like very much is the fact that the bottomless rice is actually offered throughout the meal at just a tiny extra cost. What we recommend you to try at the Begging Bowl is the betel leaves studded with sharp pomelo & crunchy palm sugar. The interior is very nice and welcoming and the staff extremely friendly.

The Heron

Enjoy delicious Thai food in this amazing basement pub. Most of the customer reviews are positive, and clients are very impressed not only by the lovely food but by the great service as well. Whether you try the classic Thai dish of meat, chilli, lime, onion and rice or something more sophisticated, we are pretty sure that you will want to come back at The Heron for a new food experience. Those who love soups must know that this restaurant also has several soups in the menu. As a tip, in case you are on your own in London and you need company, then you could consider hiring an escort. Plenty of beautiful and smart London escorts are all over the city and they can keep you company in any place you want, which is certainly something really great for those who travel alone.

Thai Silk

If you are in London at the moment or you plan to visit this metropolis soon then we recommend you to not miss this amazing Thai restaurant. Londoners absolutely love the Thai Silk restaurant and finding a table here is quite difficult, especially on weekends. Therefore, if you decide to go to this place then make sure you book a table in advance. At Thai Silk the menu focuses on hefty chunks of meat grilled to perfection after marination. The specialty here is the bolshy-flavoured lamb ribs. You will also make an excellent choice if choosing the fish sauce chicken wings. Keep in mind that  in this place the reservations can only be made for groups of 6 people or more. Therefore, don’t hesitate and and book your table at the Thai Silk restaurant.


All the above restaurants are extremely appreciated by Londoners and tourists as well. Anyone who loves this cuisine and even those who haven’t tried it yet, are most welcome to book a table at any of the above locations. The experience will surely be unique and most probably you will want to come back for trying everything that’s on the menu.

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